Saturday, April 23, 2011

biggest, bestest news

so, for those of you who aren't familiar with my current situation, i'll catch you up to speed. i graduated from appalachian state in may 2009 with a degree in french and a minor in political science. the day before i was supposed to move home to charlotte after my lease on my apartment was up in boone, i decided to stay. 3 of my best friends were moving into a house and their 4th roommate bailed on them. i had no real job lined up, so i figured, why not? we moved into a piece of crap house and i got a job in a restaurant (and then got another job in a restaurant.) needless to say my parents were less than thrilled. so there i was in boone...waiting tables, waiting tables, and waiting more tables. i had a rocky relationship (understatement) and when my dad called and told me my old job was hiring full time, i couldn't say no. i gave both of my jobs two weeks notice, quit one completely and kept one so i could come up weekends and work still to pay the rent on the aforementioned piece of crap house until the end of july when i would move back to charlotte permanently dundundunnnnnnnnn.

i started back at the doctors office in april 2010. to say i like my job would be like saying the sky is green. a french major working at a doctors office as a receptionist. makes sense, right? and i wear scrubs, which is generally nice, and i like pijamas as much as the next person, but, for some reason everyone seems to think i'm a nurse when i wear said scrubs. want to know how i passed biology? my professor was about 85 and my sorority held faculty appreciation dinners once a year and because that was the class i was struggling with the most, i invited him (this is when he first started to love me.) i went to study groups, test reviews, and was in every 8am class (for those of you that know me, know how pleasant i am in the morning and how much i love to wake up early. (in case you missed it, this is called sarcasm.)) i'm pretty sure he pitied me, so i squeaked by and he didn't fail me...such a nice old man.

most days i wish i could wear a sign around my neck to inform people i have zero medical training and i don't want to see their rashes or hear their sob story about how they were gardening and got poison ivy. don't people know what poison ivy looks like? it has three leaves. now you know. avoid it. i apply hand sanitizer more than any normal person, and have the worlds nicest phone voice. i have come to enjoy the small things at work: when drug reps bring us food, when we get to leave on time, and most of all, when i can get a good nap in on my lunch break, you know, the usual. the best part about my job: i don't work on fridays.

so now for the good stuff. i'm moving to france. in 5 short months. this is easily the best thing that's ever happened to me. i did win 7 dollars in the lottery the other week, but france still comes out on top. i got a job through a program called TAPIF (teaching assistant program in france.) i'll be teaching english to middle school and/or high school age students somewhere near lille. lille is in the northeast, about an hour (by train) from paris, 30 minutes from brussels, and 2 hours from london. my first choice was to be in nice on the mediterranean, so i could be at the beach all the time (sounds nice, huh?) but lille was my second choice and so i'm so excited about where i was placed. i'll be in france, so as long as there's wine, cheese, baguettes and people speaking french all around me, i'll be happy.i am a tad nervous about teaching kids who are most likely my size, but we'll just have to see how that goes....