Wednesday, August 31, 2011

oh how time flies

finally received my placement a few weeks ago. almost threw up when my sister told me it came in the mail. i will be teaching in two different middle schools. one in armentieres, and one in perenchies. because my computer doesn't have accent symbols the names look weird, but they sound really nice when you say them in french. the greatest part about my placement is that the towns are both so close to lille, i can live there! living in lille is going to be so convenient and there will be so much to do. i don't have any idea how exactly i'm going to go about finding an apt that fits my miniscule budget, but hopefully it won't be too hard. i also can't decide if i want to live with a host family, other assistants, or try to find a place with french people my age. they all have their perks, i just have to find out which one i think will be the perkiest.

the days are flying by like nothing i've ever experienced before. i swear last time i looked at my calendar it was still july. but no, it's actually september. i've had my appointment to apply for my visa, i've booked my plane ticket (and by i booked, i mean my dad worked his airline magic and did it for me..thanks dad!) and i've booked my hostel for my first two nights in lille. after those first two nights i'll be staying at a high school next to the middle school where i'm teaching in armentieres until i find a permanent home. which will be interesting because i have no idea what said living situation is going to be like. my sister and i are leaving charlotte on september 21st and arriving in paris the morning of the 22nd.  we're going to spend a few nights in paris doing everything you can possibly think of to do there. i haven't been to france since the 7th grade and only spent half a day in paris. needless to say there are so many monuments and museums to visit, cafe's to sit in, baguettes to eat, etc. so so much to do. i'll be leaving for lille the morning of the 26th. i'm excited to take trains again. haven't done that since my trip to italy the summer after my senior year of high school.

really this whole experience is going to be incredible. someone i know keeps telling me it will be the time of my life. they're right. but it's gut wrenching and i keep getting sick to my stomach when i think about leaving in less than a month. 

bad news: i found out when i leave i have to get rid of my cell phone number. such a pain. on the bright side, now i have a new 'fake' number to give out to people when i come back to the states.