Friday, February 3, 2012

happy winter?

it started...almost as if punxutawney phil really is a meterologist (or god.) winter has arrived in the north of france. i thought i wasn't happy about it. the wind turned cold and--already being in the warm weather mindset--i was PISSED. i was ready for spring and summer and all that comes with it. then, while i was lying in my bed watching my new tv obsession (amc's the killing,) it started to snow. it was so pretty. i love the snow. because it's been so cold it started sticking immediately. 

i walked to the train station, caught a few snowflakes on my tongue, and was just so content. i'm so intrigued by the calm that comes with snow. everything seemed so still, so slow, so perfect. it kept snowing and snowing and snowing. i went to ashtanga and when i came out there were inches covering the ground. then, walking to the metro, i fell and busted my ass. thanks phil. 

i decided this season can only stick around if it keeps snowing. happy winter.

(image from google)

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