Saturday, February 25, 2012

up, up, and away

one thing i'll miss about living in france and working for the french government: 2 week vacations every other month. i'm able to travel, travel, and travel some more.

on monday i'm heading to charleroi, belgium to catch an outrageously early flight on tuesday morning. i'm going here:


catania, italy. 6 days of the mediterranean sunshine. pure heaven. as if i don't usually have enough time for rest and relaxation, i'm going to get more of it. 

my biggest problem in preparing for this trip is trying to figure out what to pack and having my backpack weigh less than 10kg (about 22lbs). i've always been terrible at packing a bag. and to put a weight limit like that on it? i'm screwed...thank you, ryan air. i have a feeling i'm going to look like the michelin man going through security at the airport. 

i suppose it's not a bad price to pay for such a cheap flight to somewhere so beautiful. 

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