Thursday, February 16, 2012

where to?

'a lot of moving, a lot of rolling, a lot of driving, a lot of strolling. a lot of leaving here, arriving there. trying to go just about everywhere. a lot of thinking about where i'm going next.' -the avett brothers

so many trips coming up! i figured i'd let you in on my super (not so) secret plans..

dunkerque, france on february 19th
sicily, italy on february 28th for a week
istanbul, turkey on march 6th for a week

somewhere to try to see the northern lights or edinburgh, scotland (march)
london, england (march)
working on an organic farm somewhere in france (march or april)
amsterdam, netherlands (april)
dubrovnik, split, and zadar croatia (april)
ibiza, spain (april)

i'll be gone practically every weekend until i'm back home. i'll be back in the great state of north carolina in less than three short months--i can't believe it. i'm so looking forward to being in charlotte again but am thrilled about all the trips i'm about to take. here's to happy travels!

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