Wednesday, February 22, 2012

is that a boy or a girl?

this past weekend i experienced french carnaval. boys dressed up as girls, confetti everywhere, dead fish being thrown from windows, and of course, beer and fries.

my roommates and i took a day trip to dunkerque on sunday for the experience..we heard it was something we shouldn't miss out on. i wore my green pants to try my hardest to fit in without a didn't work. we stuck out like sore thumbs. the train ride itself was nuts. every stop they had to add more cars to accomodate all the drunk frenchies dressed like girls. i've never seen so many men wearing tights and lipstick. 

we got there and finding the center of town was easy enough: follow the people. it was so crowded. we got fries and walked around. a little girl came up to me, gave me the twice over, then threw confetti at me. only me. i guess she liked my pants? 

we ended the afternoon in front of the hotel de ville to watch the mayor throw dead herrings wrapped up in plastic out of the window. i still don't know the meaning behind this, but we ran as soon as we realized people unwrap them and proceed to throw them at each other. i almost got one rubbed in my face, but being small has it's perks; i just ducked behind people while we were trying to push our way out of the crowd. 

the fish throwing madness: 

part of the confetti/feather aftermath:

happy carnaval!

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